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National Service Scheme (NSS)

NSS Unit of The College

The NSS Unit under West Bengal State University started off in the College in the academic year 2014-15, with the main focus :-

  • To help the students to gain skills and develop capacity through work experiences in real life community services, thereby gaining social acceptability through public contact developments.
  • To aid the students in their personality development and acquiring the leadership qualities through social services.
Thrust Areas of Work

-: Rural Community Development in :-

  • Public health awareness & medical camp
  • Self employment
  • Literacy & primary education

  • Entrepreneurship Development (including skill development and liaison works with banks/ govt. bodies)
  • Environment Preservation (mass forestation programme, clean & green campus campaign)
  • Public Education in health care & hygiene, nutrition and public health awareness (including adolescent health development programme)
  • Public Education in Consumer Protection & Legal Awareness

Community Outreach Programmes organized by the NSS Unit include Special Camps in the Adopted Villages for intensive development work, carrying out the medico-social surveys, organizing medical centres, sanitation drives, adult education programmes for the weaker sections of the community, blood donation camp, helping orphanages and the physically handicapped persons and the like.

Regular Activities

A. Orientation Training Programme

  • ORIENTATION / RECONDITIONING CLASS ES - (30 HRS.) – all volunteers

B. Other Social Services

  • ORGANIZATIONAL WORKS IN ALL NSS PROGRAMMES AS PROGRAMME VOLUNTEER - 5 batches of 10 volunteers each (10 hrs./volunteer)
  • ADOPTED TREE CARING /GARDENING WORKS - (1 Hr./week for 10 weeks)
  • CLEAN CAMPUS CAMPAIGN – (1 Hr./week for 10 weeks)

And any one Specialized Service

  • PRIMARY SURVEY WORK / MARKET RESEARCH – (10 hrs/week for 6 weeks)
  • MEDICAL ATTENDANT/ RED CROSS ACTIVITIES – (2 hrs/week for 30 weeks)

The College offer free health check-up services in the medical room to the students of the College and also to the students of the adjoining primary school (G.C.B.T.C. Modern School, Habra) adopted by the College on a regular basis. Dr. Rajesh Sarkar attends the student patients once a week throughout the year – on Wednesday except on public holidays and closed days.

Recent Activities of NSS (2016-17 to 2019-20)


Tree Plantation & Adoption Programme

  • Inaugural Speech by Principal & Chairperson, NSS Unit.
  • Tree plantation inaugurated by Chairman of Ashokenagar-Kalyangarh Municipality.
  • Tree plantation inaugurated by Chairman of Ashokenagar-Kalyangarh Municipality.
  • Pledge by NSS Volunteers to maintain the plants in the garden.
  • Plantation of Trees by the students and NSS Volunteers (200 plants).

Road Safety Awareness Campaign

  • Invitation Lecture on Road Safety Rules by Traffic Police Officer.
  • Road Rally by NSS Volunteers and other students.
  • Street Drama by NSS Volunteers on ‘Safe Drive Save Life’.

Medical Camp in collaboration with Indian Red Cross Society, Barasat Unit

  • Health check-up of students of our college and adopted school by doctors.
  • Issuance of Health Cards.

Celebration of Freedom Azadi ‘70

  • Recitation of National Anthem at 11 a.m.
  • Extempore Speech by Students on ‘Simple Living High Thinking’.
  • Documentary Film Show on India’s Independence Struggle.

Self Development Workshop

  • (in collaboration with Heartfulness Spirituality Foundation, Kolkata Chapter) Meditation Camp and Motivational Lectures & Documentary Film show.

Orientation Training Programme for NSS Volunteers

  • Day 1 : Inauguration Address, Documentary Film on NSS Activities, Motivational Lectures, Interactive session.
  • Day 2 : Group Activities – Extempore Speech by NSS Volunteers, Test of Emotional Quotient, Feedback session.

Special Winter Camp at the Adopted Village (Bamihati, Habra Block I)

  • Primary Education Promotional Programme in Primary Schools under ‘NSS-SCM Vidyasagar Mission’ (Clean Campus Campaign, Health Camp, P.T. Class, Quiz Contest, Distribution of education kits, prizes to primary school students, books distribution to primary school students, art competition).
  • Survey on ‘Aptitude & Interest’ of primary school children by NSS Volunteers.

Special Winter Camp at G.C.B.T.C. Modern School, Habra

  • Meditation Camp, Distribution of education kits, sit & draw contest for children.
  • Workshop on Personal Hygiene & Balanced Diet, P.T. Class.
  • Health Check-up Camp & distribution of food packets.

Seminar on Career Planning for students

  • Powerpoint presentation on ‘Career Planning : A Blueprint Agenda’.
  • Activity on Soft Skill Development.
  • Interactive Session & Feedback from the students.

Entrepreneurship Motivation Camp

  • Motivational Lectures : ‘Entrepreneurship as Career Option for Youth’.
  • Informational Lecture : ‘Government’s Promotional Schemes for Small Entrepreneurs’ - ( by SHG Economist and National Award Winner SHG Group Coordinator of North 24 Parganas Zone).
  • Interactive Session : ‘Steps in formation of SHG’.(by Manager (Credit) of Bangiya Gramin Vikas Bank).

Red Cross Youth Camp on Behavioral Changes

  • Motivational Lecture on ‘Behavioral changes of youth- the Heart-Brain Effect’.
  • Group Activities on development/ assessment of leadership qualities of students.

Weekly Orientation Training & Volunteers’ Group Activities

  • Reconditioning Classes for NSS Volunteers.
  • Group Activities on EQ/IQ Development/ Assessment.
  • Campus Cleaning & Gardening works (Group Activity).

Health Check-up Camps

  • Health Check-up by doctor (routine check-up -20 primary school students, 20 college students/ volunteers) Supportive services by the volunteers in organizing camps/ maintaining medical records.

Programme on National Integration and Communal Harmony

  • Lecture on the significance of communal harmony and the unity in diversity of our country.
  • Motivational videos shown.
  • Donations raised for compensation and rehabilitation of the children affected in communal violence.
  • A Rally was organized from the college gate up to Habra station to promote communal harmony in the area.

AIDS Awareness Programme

  • Dr. Ajoy Kumar Majumder, the guest speaker of the programme made a power point presentation on the epidemiology of the disease and shared his vast experience of work with the AIDs patients of North 24 Parganas.
  • A rally was organized from the college gate up to Habra station to promote awareness in the area.

Programme on Thalassamea Awareness and Screening

  • Thalassamea counselor, Prof. Madhumita Kar delivered a lecture with the help of power point presentation.
  • Seventy Blood samples were collected by the health personnel from Culcutta School of Tropical Medicine Out of which six have tested positive, i.e., Thalassamea Trait/Career.

Training Programme on “Financial Literacy”

  • The Programme was organized by the NSS unit in collaboration with Learning Links Foundation supported by Vodaphone India.